Long-term loan online – for monthly installments up to 12 installments

Here are the banks and loan companies in which a long-term loan is available online with a loan transfer directly to a bank account.

When looking for a cash loan online, we have a wide range of offers at our disposal. Starting from the traditional cash loan which is available through the banks completely via the Internet. For non-bank long-term loans available online.

My main task which I set myself as the main goal will be to present the most advantageous offers, which are available entirely via the Internet. I will present selected offers from banks and loan companies that can offer loans with monthly installments that you can borrow online. I took into account the most advantageous loan offers with a 12-month repayment period, i.e. 12 installments.

Long-term loan online – for monthly installments up to 12 installments


Dynasty Bank

The first of the proposals that I would like to present to you is the online loan offer available in the bank’s offer. Dynasty Bank is an online brand established by the Crediter. This is definitely an offer that should be used by people who can and want to take a loan online via the bank up to PLN 10,000. Dynasty Bank is an offer through which a long-term online loan is available, not only for 12-month installments but also with a longer repayment period (up to 84 installments). Of course, to take advantage of such an offer, we must have a good credit history. No debts in BIK databases and creditworthiness at the lowest national level, and preferably even higher.

Zet Firez

Another offer through which a long-term loan is available is a proposition from the truloan loan company. It is a proven company providing non-bank loans up to PLN 10,000. We can adjust the loan repayment period according to our needs. We can repay the loan either in several monthly installments, over 12 monthly installments or by selecting the longest repayment period of 24 months. The main condition for obtaining a loan at truloan is 21 years and the lack of debts in the debtors’ registers and BIK databases.

ZongaBank – installment loan

ZongaBank can help us get the cash you need on several different levels. Both when we need a short-term payday with quick repayment, as well as when we will need an installment loan, with any number of monthly installments. Similarly to the predecessors, we will borrow up to PLN 10,000 here, but completely online and without leaving your home. It is worth knowing that in the case of new borrowers, ZongaBank applies a loan limit of 3000 PLN. The chances of getting a loan will be here for all people who have already turned 18, and at the same time have an ID card and income enabling repayment of loan installments.

Snappi Loans

In comparison to other offers presented in this statement, the long-term online loan offered by Snappi Loans is distinguished by the fact that its amount can reach up to PLN 15,000. The repayment schedule of the loan is also reasonable, since we can choose from 3 to even 36 months. Of course, the cheapest option will be to select the shortest repayment period, for example one that will not exceed 12 monthly installments. Hapi long-term loans are available to all persons over 18 years of age. The loan is available entirely via the Internet, using currently available modern technologies for data verification.


A loan that may not be the cheapest in repayment, but it will be more easily available to those who have not obtained a loan from the bank. Not only because of bad credit history but also because of low creditworthiness or low income. Epicredit also belongs to the group of companies providing internet loans and without additional formalities. The amount of loans available in Epicredit is PLN 10,000 and the maximum repayment period can be 12 months. The possibility of obtaining a loan through the company will have people who are already 20 years of age and have no debts in the registers of debtors such as the National Debt Register or Erif.

Nominent – a self-service loan

This proposition may surprise some, but it turns out that Nominent can also offer us a loan, not the way to pay, but also completely online. The company’s answer is a self-service loan, a loan offer completely available online. The best chance of getting it will be people with both a good history and creditworthiness. An easier way to obtain it should also be those who have already taken a loan through the company and repaid it in a timely manner. The amount of available loans under this option is PLN 10,000 with a repayment period of up to 24 months.

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