Bad credit loans online -Searching for online loan places for bad credit?

Despite the fact that today you no longer meet a provider who would not look into the debtor’s register, it is not excluded.

Searching for online loan places for bad credit?

You can go to Green Day Online ‚Üí and apply for an online loan for bad credit.

In order to understand the whole essence of our question, we must first describe what it is that viewing the registry, or Solus’ own register of debtors, is. It is a comprehensive list of names of people who are currently in default with a loan installment, mortgage, lease, they have arrears for municipal waste collection, telephone services, fare, etc. Simply put, they owe money and do not pay their liabilities. You will be enrolled in Solus even if you owe 500 CZK. This is the minimum limit for entering this registry.

What does the registry view mean?

Just looking at the registry means that the Loan Provider will look for information about whether you are currently in default with an installment and if you owe someone else money.

If they find you don’t owe anyone, you’re fine and you can borrow. However, if the provider determines that you are in default with an installment and you have an entry in the registry, you will most likely not borrow anything. This is so in order to prevent over-crediting and over-indebtedness.

Is a Loan Without a Registry Safe?

And now we can go back to our basic question – is such a loan safe? Yes and no.

If you are a responsible person, you know that you have no skin and you pay all your obligations, you can be calm. But if you already have several debts and loans that you can’t pay off and a loan without a registry will be next in line, you might get rid of such an act.

This is not to say that you can’t do that. You just take a huge risk of yourself. There may be some unexpected event, you may get into financial trouble from day to day and then no loan will help you. But if you want a loan without a registry to consolidate your loans and thus reduce your monthly costs, this loan can help you. You will reduce your monthly payment and still have extra money.

A few words in the end

You can definitely borrow without a registry. There are quite a few possibilities in the Czech Republic, and even here, on the Arsène Lupin website, you can find a non-bank loan without looking into the register, up to CZK 600,000 for 120 months. However, as with any loan, think about such a decision.

Personal payday loans

Personal payday loans

What you need to know about Personal payday loans.




We deposit the money in your bank account within a very short time. Fill out the application and request the loan. It is faster than filling out several forms, queuing and waiting days for the bank to make a decision. 


Asking for a loan used to mean going to the bank, presenting your case to the account executive, and requesting the loan from an institution that gave you neither fast service nor comfort. The convenience of a loan with Sinonline Cart means that the application can be filled online or by phone, or in any way available without requiring additional time or effort. Request a quick loan without leaving your home and receive the money in your bank account immediately after your application is approved. It is easy and comfortable. 

No endorsements

No endorsements

The procedure to receive a quick loan is carried out online. You do not need to worry about getting proof of employment, presenting other documents or looking for a guarantee. 


quick loan


A quick loan is a solution to a situation where you need a relatively small amount of money that is not available to you at that time. A quick loan can help you solve an unexpected problem or make a purchase you have been dreaming about. A quick loan is granted for a period of 14, 21 or 30 days and must be paid in a single exhibition. 


Your user profile allows you to follow all the information related to your loan. We will inform you when your payment date approaches. We offer favorable loan conditions and guarantee the highest level of service. 




We work from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We have created a comfortable, safe and high quality loan service. We will gladly help you. The only thing we ask in return is that you make the decision to apply for a loan in a responsible way. 


Sinonline Cart offers information about fast loans that is clear and easy to understand. When you apply for a loan, choose a trusted partner who cares about the quality and availability of their services. If you have any questions, Sinonline Cart will be happy to help. Just call us! Are you interested in our offer?

Comparison of Mortgage Loans

Mortgage – what is it?

Mortgage - what is it?

A mortgage loan is a long-term financial commitment contracted in a bank. Its security is a mortgage established on the right of perpetual usufruct or ownership right. Mortgage is a targeted product, the purpose of the funds is clearly defined as opposed to loans or cash loans. A mortgage loan can be issued for an apartment, building a house, purchasing a building plot, repairing real estate, etc.

Although many people use the term “mortgage” and “home loan” interchangeably, these products are different from each other. Commitment mortgage can be used for more things, mortgage while you can utilize only on the purchase of an apartment, house, garage or buy a council flat.

The minimum loan term is 5 years, maximum 35 years. The time for which the bank will spread mortgage installments depends on the financial situation of the potential borrower.

Mortgage rate

Mortgage rate

Mortgage interest rate is one of the factors to which you must pay attention when choosing this product. It depends on changes in interest rates and margins. Usually it is 3-4%. However, there are other mortgage costs. When comparing offers, it is worth paying attention to the RRSO indicator, ie the Real Annual Interest Rate. It shows how real commitment costs will be, most often the APR exceeds the interest rate.

What is the cost of a mortgage?

What is the cost of a mortgage?

Several factors affect the liability cost. These include: bank commission, preparation fees, credit holidays, grace period, loan repayment period or insurance. To find out how much you will need to pay off your capital, you can use the practical tools on the Internet, which are mortgage comparison websites. All you need to do is give them the amount of the loan and the loan period. After a while, the interested party learns what kind of banks have interest rates, APY, commission and the final amount to be repaid. If you want to find out what will be the monthly commitment on such a debt, a mortgage calculator will help you determine the expected installment. Such tools allow you to simulate a mortgage and compare offers.

Mortgage costs also include the establishment of a mortgage, notarial fees, establishment of a land and mortgage register (for real properties that do not have it), costs of possible early repayment of the liability.

Mortgage – what documents?

Mortgage - what documents?

In order to apply for this financial product, several conditions must be met. Begin with the submission of documents necessary for a mortgage loan, and these are quite a lot. Of course, you must present your ID card and a second document with a photo that will confirm the identity of the person concerned. You will also need certificates of employment and income, a bank account statement, a ZUS certificate on the amount of the base from which contributions are paid. If, on the other hand, a marriage is trying to obtain a loan, then a shortened copy of the marriage should be enclosed with the property separation agreement.

How much do you need to earn to get a mortgage?

How much do you need to earn to get a mortgage?

Banks are thoroughly analyzing our credit history. They check the information included in the BIK to check whether the potential borrower has had problems with the repayment of previous liabilities in the past. Financial institutions need to be sure that the client will be able to regulate monthly payments. Particularly, financial credibility is especially important, and it is mainly earnings that influence it. It is difficult to say how much you need to earn to get a mortgage. A lot depends on the amount of the loan and the length of the loan period. The form of work is also important. Favorable banks look at clients who have an employment contract for an indefinite period.

How to get a mortgage?

How to get a mortgage?

In the case of a mortgage, creditworthiness is important. It is a long-term commitment, so banks must secure for many years of loan repayment. The better the financial situation, the greater the chances of the commitment. Positive history in BIK, lack of debts, high earnings, credit for two, high personal contribution increase the chances of getting a mortgage.

In which bank mortgage?

In which bank mortgage?

Many people wonder which bank the mortgage will be the most profitable. To find out, it is worth using the rankings or comparisons of mortgages. And how to calculate the mortgage installment? You can do it yourself, but it is time-consuming. Quickly use the mortgage installment calculator, which will make all calculations alone and will take into account the parameters of various financial institutions. And in which bank is it worth taking a mortgage? 

Mortgage loan without own contribution – is it possible?

Mortgage loan without own contribution - is it possible?

The own contribution is strictly required in mortgages. The higher, the smaller the amount to be repaid, but also the greater the chance of granting this product. How much of your own contribution should you pay with your mortgage loan? Usually it is 10-20% of the value of the commitment. This is a form of security for the bank, in addition, it positively affects the creditworthiness. A high own contribution also favors higher interest rates as they are charged on a lower amount. This does not mean, however, that there are no mortgages without own contribution. However, such a product can be obtained in special cases. Among them, it is necessary to have security on another property, the value of which exceeds the amount of own contribution. It is also possible to borrow from the developer, which will be used for own contribution. Another way to avoid your own contribution is to acquire real estate at a lower price than its real value. Then the difference between the transaction price and the value of the real estate can be counted as own contribution.

Simulation of Mortgage Loan in PLN Worth Knowing

Simulation of a mortgage in zlotys – it is worth knowing!

Simulation of a mortgage in zlotys - it is worth knowing!

Before you decide to take out a mortgage it is worth to learn its parameters and finally, with a loan, we will have to live for at least several dozen years. When receiving a mortgage loan simulation from a credit advisor, it is worth paying special attention to several important factors that will determine whether the selected loan will meet your expectations.

First of all, the simulation must contain all the information so that you are fully aware of the costs that you will face. On this basis, you or your credit adviser will be able to analyze all the costs and differences in individual banks to ultimately choose the one that is the most advantageous. So what should a mortgage simulation contain?

Interest on the loan

Interest on the loan

The key criterion for making the right mortgage choice is its price and this is influenced by a factor such as interest. Mortgage loans bear interest at a variable interest rate, which consists of the jabank reference rate – a loan in PLN.

The bank’s margin is added to the interest rate, which in total is the interest rate of the given mortgage loan. Each reference rate is a market size and the factors affecting the rate are, among others, decisions of central banks, ie NBP on raising or lowering interest rates, economic situation, inflation expectations, etc.

As for the margins and its amount, it in turn depends mainly on the amount of credit granted and the amount of own contribution held by the borrower. The rule is that the higher the loan amount, the lower the margin is usually lower.

Loan period

Loan period

Mortgage loans by banks are granted for various periods, although the main criterion which is guided by the age of the main borrower who is not over 70 years of age, are banks that allow granting credit up to 75 – only the question of who will pay the loan to such age .. – they are often subject to additional costs, which does not affect their attractiveness.

When comparing mortgage loan simulation to offers from other banks, you should take the same loan period. Comparing the prepared simulation with different periods does not just make sense, because a higher interest-bearing loan granted for a longer period may have a lower installment than a loan with a lower interest rate for a shorter loan period. When it comes to borrowers at an early age, there should be no problems, but even with older people, the age may limit the total loan period in a given bank for which it may be granted and this also affects the selection of the final offer. Sometimes, these people simply have a smaller choice or use the offer of banks, which allow to provide up to 75 years of age, on less favorable terms, to get a loan at all, because it limits their creditworthiness.

Bank margin

Bank margin

The bank’s margin in the vast majority of banks is determined on the basis of the LTV ratio, which determines the amount of the loan in relation to the value of the collateral – the value of the real estate. The lower the LTV ratio, the more favorable the mortgage terms.

The amount of the base rate

The amount of the base rate

Mortgage loan simulation prepared by a mortgage advisor should include the jabank rate, which was included in the calculation for the day. Its amount is set differently by individual banks.

If we know what the amount of the margin is, we can deduct it from the given interest rate, to set the jabank base rate from a given calculation, to compare its heights and verify whether it was valid as of the date of the simulation being prepared. This is very important and affects the reliability of the information provided to the potential borrower. Taking into account the current jabank rate in the calculation affects the monthly amount of the loan installment and it may happen that a bank that offers better lower margins is uncompetitive in relation to another simulation presented from another bank.

In the past, when we had higher interest rates on the market, there was a significant difference between the rate, jabank3M and jabank6M, so you could wonder what to choose. Each of them has its pros and cons.

When interest rates are lowered by the Monetary Policy Council (Monetary Policy Council) interest rates on loans are falling – the monthly loan installments are decreasing. Thus, people who have a mortgage with an interest rate based on the jabank3M rate have a better chance of feeling a faster reduction in the installment as opposed to people who received a loan with an interest rate based on the jabank6M rate. If the interest rate increases in a better situation, there are borrowers who have a loan based on jabank6M. Currently, these differences are quite small so it does not affect the choice of the bank’s offer.

Commissions for granting a loan

Commissions for granting a loan

It happens that in advertising materials, banks praise promotional offers with zero commission. In such cases, it is necessary to verify the conditions, it may be so that in exchange for giving up a one-off commission for granting the loan, we must purchase compulsory life insurance or unemployment. The cost of such insurance will have to be borne in advance for the entire period of several months or it will be monthly premiums that we will not avoid.

As a result, it may turn out that a zero-commission loan may be more expensive than one at which you have to pay it. If someone tells you that after a period of 10 months you can give up such insurance – it must be supported by facts and specifically the provisions in the contract. They can be words without coverage so that you can decide on a given offer … very often, the provisions of the loan agreement provide for cancellation of insurance coverage.

The consequence of this may be an increase in the loan margin … the same applies to all other additional products, such as a mandatory settlement account – ROR or credit card, which constitute additional income for the bank in addition to the margin or commission.

The insurance cost of a low own contribution

The insurance cost of a low own contribution

The requirement to have a 20% own contribution when using a mortgage for a given investment becomes a standard. In a situation where the borrower does not have a full contribution, then it is his duty to insure the missing part, usually for a period of 3 years. After this date, the bank re-checks the amount of the loan and its relation to the value of the LTV property. If it is higher than 80 percent, then you will need to continue to insure the missing amount.

When choosing a bank, check how much the insurance costs, and what obligations and fees bind us after 3 years, if you fail to get the required own contribution. It is also worth asking if a given bank returns part of the insurance premium, if we overpay the loan and the required contribution we will get in a shorter period. Why is this important? Because several banks, when prolonging insurance, they collect the original premium – such as when starting the loan, and not the premium from the actually missing amount.

The cost of loan insurance up to the moment of establishing the mortgage – bridging insurance

The cost of loan insurance up to the moment of establishing the mortgage - bridging insurance

Until the provision of a copy of the Land and Mortgage Register with the mortgage entry for the bank, the borrower is obliged to pay an additional insurance called bridging insurance. There are banks that use an increased margin instead of insurance. However, from the point of the borrower, the method of calculating this fee is material, whether it depends on the amount of credit granted or on the amount of current debt.

This is particularly important especially when buying real estate on the primary market from a developer, where the entry can be expected even a dozen or so months adding to the construction period of the house or housing estate in which there is a dwelling, which we purchase. The differences resulting from the method of calculating the fee may be really big. An application for entry of a mortgage can only be made after the sale purchase agreement and this can take place only after the building has been put into use.

Fee for early repayment of a mortgage

Fee for early repayment of a mortgage

In a situation where we intend to repay a loan in the near future, or we intend to make partial, additional repayments of capital, it is worth checking the level of commission related to such an operation. If the bank declares that it does not charge a commission for early repayment of the loan, check whether this is reflected in the form of relevant provisions in the loan agreement. In the case where it is recorded in the Table of Fees and Commissions, it must be taken into account that it may change. At the time of signing the loan agreement, the bank does not charge such a fee in accordance with the table, it does not mean that in the future it will not change its opinion and the fee will not be charged.

The fee for property valuation

The fee for property valuation

In order to grant a mortgage, the bank must first assess the value of the real estate being the object of collateral granted for the loan. It should be ensured that the bank charges a fee for the valuation or is based on an internal, free quote prepared on the basis of the bank employee’s photos.

Most often, however, the bank requires an external valuation performed by an authorized appraiser, or it orders the valuation itself in the form of an appraisal report and ultimately transfers it to the borrower. If it is necessary to make an appraisal report, it is worth knowing the cost and the moment of paying the fee before granting during the application for a mortgage or before signing the loan agreement.

It is also worth considering the order to carry out an appraisal report – in this way, we can reduce its cost individually by negotiating the cost of it with the appraiser. Before you do that, however, it is worth asking whether the bank accepts external valuations, some banks accept valuations only from appraisers from their internally established list.

Cross-Sell – additional products = additional cost

Cross-Sell - additional products = additional cost

Banks have specialized departments in the area of ​​shaping offers and creating new solutions in the form of commissions and insurance in an increasingly new edition. Therefore, and more often we encounter the situation that if we want to get better credit terms, we need to set up an account in a bank or decide on a credit card. In some banks, running an account is for free, while others charge a dozen or so zlotys a month.

There was also a situation where the account was for PLN 0 and after a certain period a monthly fee of PLN 25 was introduced. Therefore, it is necessary to check exactly what these costs are and consider relatively whether it pays off. The more so that after the introduction of the banking tax, the banks will try to recover the tax costs on the fees that will be placed in their TOiP (Table of Fees and Commissions)

When we break down all factors affecting costs, it may turn out that cheaper loans come out more expensive.

Additional products that we can meet are:

  • insurance against job loss
  • health insurance
  • insurance against property impairment

All these additional fees significantly increase the cost of the loan and ultimately decide on the choice of the bank’s offer.

In order to properly assess two offers, it is not enough to compare the interest rate, you have to sum up all monthly fees in order to make the right decision. Certainly, the proper credit advisor and his experience will be useful in this area, so that nothing escapes our attention.

Long-term loan online – for monthly installments up to 12 installments

Here are the banks and loan companies in which a long-term loan is available online with a loan transfer directly to a bank account.

When looking for a cash loan online, we have a wide range of offers at our disposal. Starting from the traditional cash loan which is available through the banks completely via the Internet. For non-bank long-term loans available online.

My main task which I set myself as the main goal will be to present the most advantageous offers, which are available entirely via the Internet. I will present selected offers from banks and loan companies that can offer loans with monthly installments that you can borrow online. I took into account the most advantageous loan offers with a 12-month repayment period, i.e. 12 installments.

Long-term loan online – for monthly installments up to 12 installments

Long-term loan online - for monthly installments up to 12 installments

Dynasty Bank

The first of the proposals that I would like to present to you is the online loan offer available in the bank’s offer. Dynasty Bank is an online brand established by the Crediter. This is definitely an offer that should be used by people who can and want to take a loan online via the bank up to PLN 10,000. Dynasty Bank is an offer through which a long-term online loan is available, not only for 12-month installments but also with a longer repayment period (up to 84 installments). Of course, to take advantage of such an offer, we must have a good credit history. No debts in BIK databases and creditworthiness at the lowest national level, and preferably even higher.

Zet Firez

Another offer through which a long-term loan is available is a proposition from the truloan loan company. It is a proven company providing non-bank loans up to PLN 10,000. We can adjust the loan repayment period according to our needs. We can repay the loan either in several monthly installments, over 12 monthly installments or by selecting the longest repayment period of 24 months. The main condition for obtaining a loan at truloan is 21 years and the lack of debts in the debtors’ registers and BIK databases.

ZongaBank – installment loan

ZongaBank can help us get the cash you need on several different levels. Both when we need a short-term payday with quick repayment, as well as when we will need an installment loan, with any number of monthly installments. Similarly to the predecessors, we will borrow up to PLN 10,000 here, but completely online and without leaving your home. It is worth knowing that in the case of new borrowers, ZongaBank applies a loan limit of 3000 PLN. The chances of getting a loan will be here for all people who have already turned 18, and at the same time have an ID card and income enabling repayment of loan installments.

Snappi Loans

In comparison to other offers presented in this statement, the long-term online loan offered by Snappi Loans is distinguished by the fact that its amount can reach up to PLN 15,000. The repayment schedule of the loan is also reasonable, since we can choose from 3 to even 36 months. Of course, the cheapest option will be to select the shortest repayment period, for example one that will not exceed 12 monthly installments. Hapi long-term loans are available to all persons over 18 years of age. The loan is available entirely via the Internet, using currently available modern technologies for data verification.


A loan that may not be the cheapest in repayment, but it will be more easily available to those who have not obtained a loan from the bank. Not only because of bad credit history but also because of low creditworthiness or low income. Epicredit also belongs to the group of companies providing internet loans and without additional formalities. The amount of loans available in Epicredit is PLN 10,000 and the maximum repayment period can be 12 months. The possibility of obtaining a loan through the company will have people who are already 20 years of age and have no debts in the registers of debtors such as the National Debt Register or Erif.

Nominent – a self-service loan

This proposition may surprise some, but it turns out that Nominent can also offer us a loan, not the way to pay, but also completely online. The company’s answer is a self-service loan, a loan offer completely available online. The best chance of getting it will be people with both a good history and creditworthiness. An easier way to obtain it should also be those who have already taken a loan through the company and repaid it in a timely manner. The amount of available loans under this option is PLN 10,000 with a repayment period of up to 24 months.

Finance the dream wedding with a wedding loan

Wedding Loan – Many lovers dream of a real dream wedding with a castle, carriage and white doves. The fulfillment of these wishes, however, costs a lot of money, so that some couples for the time being do not marry or be content with a standard celebration. But everyone should realize the most beautiful day in their life. For financing, a wedding loan can help.

If you only need a small cash injection, you should look at our mini credits:

Financing a wedding – getting married costs a lot of money

When planning a wedding, many people who are willing to marry quickly realize that having the best day in their lives is a heavy financial burden. Wedding dress, wedding suit, rings, invitations, the band, the photographer, the food, the car, the flowers – everything costs money. More money than many can afford. And at the end is still the honeymoon on the list, which finally blows up the account.

Depending on the ideas of the bride and groom, between € 3,000 and € 20,000 can come together to finance the wedding. With an instant loan or wedding loan, young couples receive a quick financial aid, which gives them the opportunity to realize their individual dream wedding yet still.

Compare wedding credit offers

Compare wedding credit offers

Instant loans exist both at banks and at savings banks. For weddings, the banks like to help with a cash injection. Above all, if the bride and groom are in permanent employment and have sufficient income, the loan is granted without difficulty. The loan amount of the lending institution amounts to 1,000 to 80,000 euros, with which one can finance a wedding.

In our unique credit comparison, we examine the offers and terms of the largest comparison sites. 

The offers for fast loans are very different. For this reason, it is enormously important to inform and compare exactly. In the end, one’s own wedding should not be left in bad memory afterwards with an overpriced credit.

Benefits of instant and online loans

Benefits of instant and online loans

Instant loans are often not tied to a purpose, but above all, this loan variant can be included within a few days. Fast approval is possible because many processes are automated in an instant loan. When selecting the credit provider, attention should be paid not only to the interest rate but also to special repayments and residual debt insurance.

It depends not only on a low interest rate, but on the overall package to celebrate their own wedding due and without financial problems.

Finance tips for wedding

Finance tips for wedding

There are many things that you can consider to save at a wedding without giving up a great celebration, it’s just important to prioritize.

Tips for a cheap wedding

1. If possible, celebrate during the week
If you start planning early enough, you can also party during the week and you do not have to find a weekend appointment. During the week, many catering services and venues and companies offer significantly lower prices than on weekends.

2. Search service providers in their own environment
Financing a wedding can also save you a lot of money by looking at friends and family in the various services you need on such a day. Are there hairdressers in the family or maybe students who would like to earn something as a waiter one evening? There are also many people who photograph in their free time and are sometimes very talented. So here you can possibly save on a professional photographer.

3. Buy or borrow your wedding dress early

Even the wedding dress does not have to cost a fortune. Many stores reduce their prices in summer to make room for new collections. Alternatively, there are shops where you can lend clothes. Since you probably do not rely on a second wedding, this can be a sensible option.

4. Gifts of money as a financial aid
On average, in Germany, the wedding is worth 80 euros. So if you do not need new things for the household, you can also ask for gifts of money, and then again a decent cash injection should come together.

5. Second hand flowers In fact one possibility: If you are at a location where another wedding is taking place on the same day, it is a possibility to interact with the other bride and groom and to accept the flowers and in return pay part of the price.

Conclusion Wedding Finance

With a small loan and the above tips, you can finance a great wedding for everyone if you do not want to marry on a beach in the Caribbean. Then, of course, the financing must be a bit lavish.

Wedding Loan: complete guide

This article is dedicated to the Wedding Loan, a service for young people who want to get married, but who do not have the necessary amount to cover all expenses related to marriage: these are fast and convenient packages, with a very long and light installment plan. a rather low interest rate, which in recent years have achieved an ever greater success.

Organizing a wedding, in fact, involves a long series of expenses, both to book the ceremony, to set up the reception and to buy clothes and accessories, as well as to pay for all those services, such as entertainment, photographs, hairdresser and The trick: the total amount to get married in style can amount to several tens of thousands of euros, a figure often inaccessible for young people, despite the help of families.

For this reason, Banks and Credit Institutes have created a series of loans dedicated to this special day: in the next paragraphs, therefore, we will explain how the Wedding Loan works, who can access it and what are the main characteristics.

What is a Wedding Loan?

What is a Wedding Loan?

As we said, the Wedding Loan is a loan aimed at covering all expenses related to marriage, but which, however, falls within personal loans, for which there is no need to produce any documentation related to the use of the sum, which can be managed independently, once credited to the current account.

These loans, in general, allow to obtain even large amounts, even up to 60,000 euros, paid in a single solution and repayable through a very light installment plan, diluted in long times, which can reach even five or ten years.

The interest rate, in most cases, is fixed, and incidental expenses are quite low, while the required guarantees are those commonly required to request a personal loan, although, depending on the circumstances, it is preferable to also involve the family members, in order to obtain more favorable conditions.

Wedding Loans: what guarantees do they serve?

Wedding Loans: what guarantees do they serve?

The Wedding Loan, therefore, falls within the personal loans and, for this reason, to access it must be reliable from the credit point of view and prove to have sufficient income to meet the monthly installments, presenting the following guarantees:

  • paycheck (for fixed-term or permanent workers);
  • tax return (for freelancers and self-employed workers);
  • pension slip;
  • valid identity document;
  • valid residence permit (for non-Italian customers).

For young people who do not have a fixed job, it is sometimes appropriate to involve family members in the negotiation: just think that there are specific packages for relatives who intend to contribute to the costs, as we will see later.

Wedding Loan: features

As we said, the Wedding Loan presents characteristics, in general, rather comfortable and favorable: the amount payable is quite substantial, for a maximum of 60,000 euros, while parameters such as the duration and the amount of monthly installments are established during the contracting phase.

In fact, it is possible to choose rapid solutions – especially for small sums – or long loans, which can last even 5 0 10 years, depending on your needs: in this case, of course, the amount to be paid monthly will be much smaller (even less than 100 euros!).

The amount, however, is paid in a single solution, directly on the current account or, should the customer prefer, through a personal check, in generally rather short times, especially if the request is made through the online procedure.

Wedding Loan: Which expenses do you cover?

Wedding Loan: Which expenses do you cover?

The packages dedicated to the wedding serve, in fact, to cover all expenses related to the organization of the ceremony and reception, which include:

  • reservation of the ceremony;
  • installation of the church;
  • organization of the reception;
  • purchase of clothes and accessories;
  • photographer, musicians, make-up, hairdresser;
  • honeymoon.

However, since this is a non-finalized loan, it is possible to manage the sum in total autonomy, without showing or receiving, or estimates.

The benefits of the Wedding Loan

The benefits of the Wedding Loan

The Wedding Loan offers a great help to young couples and families, allowing them to organize the ceremony in full serenity, coping with all expenses, expected and unexpected.

Moreover, thanks to the fixed interest rate, it is possible to forecast in advance the amount of the loan and its duration, which can be diluted even over very long periods, depending on the customer’s preferences; some services, moreover, are particularly flexible and convenient, and allow you to skip or reduce one or more installments, in order to live more easily the repayment phase.

The Government Agency Marriage Child Loan

Do not forget that, to finance the wedding expenses, there is a further possibility, this time offered to parents who want to contribute to the marriage of one of the children: for the public employees, in fact, the Government Agency loan was created, which allows obtain a sum equal to four times their net salary, repayable through the payment of installments that can not exceed 1/5 of the monthly salary.

To access the service, you must fill in the appropriate form on the ministry website, in the section dedicated to the credit area and electronic coupons, to submit the request, make the estimate and calculate the maximum amount and the amount of monthly payments.



In conclusion, if you want to organize your ceremony in the best way and manage the initial expenses serenely, without renouncing some whim, resorting to the Wedding Loan could be the right solution: in short time, in fact, you can get a variable amount between 1,000 and 60,000 euros, to be used in the way you prefer, in total autonomy and tranquility.

However, as for all financing, it is necessary to evaluate the conditions and the cost of the service, before signing any agreement: the advice, in fact, is not to embark on long and expensive payments, if you are not absolutely sure you can repay the sum over the years.

Alternatively, consider the possibility of involving relatives and family, in order to divide costs among several people or to access cheaper services, thanks to the exhibition of a large number of guarantees: the solutions, fortunately, are not lacking and, nowadays, all the major banking groups offer a wide range of possibilities. 

Social Loans

Our list of social loans presents only current loans – all data are updated and updated on a regular basis. The current offer of social loans in one place is a good opportunity to make a comparison of social loans, taking into account all relevant parameters: interest, interest rate, costs, minimum and maximum loan amount, APY, form of payment, promotions and bargains.

What is a social loan?

What is a social loan?

A social loan is also known as a social loan or – from English – social lending. This form of borrowing money is very popular, among others, in the United States, but it is rather a novelty for us, which many people approach with a large reserve. Social lending is based on an agreement between two private individuals, one of whom has money and the other wants to borrow it. In order to collect both sides of the loan agreement, websites are created, which provide tools enabling mutual search by the lender and the borrower. For their services, portals naturally charge fees, usually in the form of commissions on concluded loan agreements. A bank or any type of financial institution is not involved in a social loan. Each participant of the community integrated within the portal can play both the role of the borrower and the borrower. The internet portal does not participate in the loan procedure and there is no outflow for arrangements between the parties to the loan agreement. The function of the portal is only to collect a loan community and initial verification of the registering persons – thanks to this, it can be a cheaper and more flexible option to borrow money than, for example, a weekend.

Are social loans safe?

Are social loans safe?

All persons who register on dedicated, online loan websites servicing social loans are carefully verified. Any person who creates an account can be checked for credit history in order to ensure maximum security for lenders. Just like in the case of traditional loans and credits, the loan agreement provides the interest rate and the repayment date of the loan. In social lending, no certificates or documents are required – the procedure is maximally simplified and often such loans are available even for those who have been denied in banks, parabanks and loan companies. The loan is granted on the basis of a subjective assessment of the borrower’s credibility, which is carried out by the lender on the basis of the information available in the “loan request”, where the needy specifies the amount, repayment date and purpose of the money. The interest rate on a social loan is very flexible, as it is agreed between the persons signing the contract. If the lender judges that the risk of the loan is low, then he can agree to low interest, whereas if the borrower appears “suspicious”, then the offer will be less attractive. Thus, from the point of view of a person in need of money, a social loan is safe, cheap and easily available.

Advantages and disadvantages of social loans

Advantages and disadvantages of social loans

The decisive advantage of social loans is their availability. In this form of borrowing, we avoid the formalities required in the bank: workplace certificates, US and ZUS. The interest rate is usually lower than in companies offering payday loans and all details (interest rate, repayment date, loan amount) can be negotiated. All this translates into a low total cost (RSSO) of the loan, compared to the offer of banks and other institutions involved in lending activities.

For people lending money, social lending is a way to earn and multiply their own capital, but this type of activity involves a risk that you need to be aware of.

The first loan is usually limited to a few hundred zlotys, but the next loan may be higher and even large amounts. There is no technical limitation on the amount of the loan, however, this situation is associated with higher risk, therefore obtaining a high amount is rather difficult, though not impossible.

Is it worth using a social loan?

Is it worth using a social loan?

A social loan is, in a way, a novelty, and that’s why many people do not trust this form of financial aid. Otherwise called social lending is an online loan available 24 hours a day, throughout the week. It is an alternative that many people still use, because it has many advantages that banking products do not have. Like everything, a social loan also has drawbacks, but in some cases it can be the only way to get cash fast on favorable terms. In the social media age, a social loan is part of the current trend to build communities that connect specific needs.

Online Small loans – our test!

A small loan is only needed up to a certain amount and is well suited to fulfill a greater desire or to bridge a small bottleneck. The winner was the Bankate.

  • Fast microcredit up to 3,000 euros
  • Credit-independent interest
  • Low interest rate
  • Long payment period

What opportunities does Bankate offer you as the best online microcredit? We show you how the small loan of Bankate works!

The Bankate as a small credit test winner

The Bankate as a small credit test winner

The small loan test in 2019 has again taken a closer look at many providers. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual providers make it clear in the Small Credit Test which bank or which online bank can score points this year. The winner this time is the Bankate. The supplier convinces with excellent product details, very good conditions and good acceptance guidelines.

The Bankate offers with the BestCredit a small loan for customers and new customers on fair terms. The bank has its headquarters in Mönchengladbach and provides personal advice in the local branches or the loan application online.

The product information of BestCredit: Our information

The product information of BestCredit: Our information

The online small loan test has shown that the Bankate is particularly convincing with fair conditions. Thus, neither processing nor account maintenance fees for the loan are due. Special repayments are also on offer as well as an optional installment insurance. This applies, for example, when the borrower can no longer pay the rates due to unemployment. The interest on the BestCredit is independent of the credit rating. Applicants who do not have a good credit rating can still pay as little interest as applicants with a very good credit rating.

The terms of the small credit test winner Bankate

The terms of the small credit test winner Bankate

The test winner from our test offers fair conditions to the very good conditions. Thus, for the online small loans from an amount of 500 euros to 3,000 euros from 1.99 percent of annual interest payable. These are independent of the selected term. The term can be 12 months, 18 months, 24 months or even 36 months. However, a term of 36 months is only eligible for an amount of at least 1,000 euros.

The acceptance guidelines at a glance

The acceptance guidelines at a glance

If you want to apply for online small loans at Bankate, you must comply with some guidelines. Of course, this includes the age of majority. In addition, the loan will only be issued to borrowers with a positive Schufa. Residing in Germany is also an important requirement. In addition, it must be proven that a contract of employment exists for at least 6 months. Who is still in the probationary period, receives no small loan.

Conclusion: online small loans at Bankate

In order to eliminate a short liquidity problem or possibly make some renovations to the house, the Bankate offers the best online microcredit.

Especially the very low interest rate and the very flexible terms of up to 60 months convince.